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DLF/Johnsons Market update - Autumn 2021

Seed stocks are at record low levels and Agricultural commodity values are rising fast to meet global food demands
Amenity seed stocks are now at record low levels as demand for seed has been exceptional for the last 2 years and harvests have been reduced due to extreme weather conditions which means global availability is now shorter than has ever been known! Agricultural commodity prices for wheat, soya and maize have also risen by up to 175% following global consumer demand which means growers are looking for higher prices to plant grass seed crops as grass seed is a more complex crop to produce, hence amenity seed prices have risen across the board for autumn 21. If we don’t meet these grower expectations they will plough the seed crops in and plant more food crops which would result in ever lower availability for grass seed in the future. Amenity seed availability is likely to remain restricted for both autumn 2021 and 2022 due to the high demand and record low global inventory. Once again we will be recommending that end users plan ahead and book seed early.